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I'd say TLW since the best part of ace comes from getting memento Mori shots, which requires a kill. The best part of TLW is active regardless of getting a kill so it might be better for you in that case. There are plenty of good long range options in the energy slot, tartara gaze is a good option.

Build and Shoot • Download PySnip is a robust, open-source and cross-platform server implementation for Ace of Spades. It is fully customizable with extensions and scripts. It is fully customizable with extensions and scripts. © Build Then Snip, LLC , 2018. Ace of Spades Closure :: Ace of Spades General Discussions We know that some of you have experienced issues running the game and have been unable to play Ace of Spades in the way that it was intended. Regrettably, we’re not able to resolve the underlying technical issues and that means the time has come to wave the game off into the sunset. Ace of Spades (video game) - Wikipedia

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